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We are a dynamic business geared to assist your business to reach its full potential.  Our service offering is guaranteed to provide you with a solution that will benefit your business.

Lierolac offers customized solutions to enable our clients to focus on their core activities and excel in what they are good in.  Our services include:


Whilst back-office functions are important in the processes of a business, it requires proper management and coordination. It can therefore become costly because of the resources required for a back-office to function effectively.  One of the ways to reduce costs without compromising on quality and efficacy is to partner with a service provider that has the skills, knowledge and experience to assist in managing this aspect of your business


It is a fact that it is much cheaper and less onerous to keep your existing clients than having to find new clients. A customer survey can greatly assist to help you understand what your clients want and how they perceive your business.  Stay relevant with your clients or else they might choose to rather explore what your competitors can offer

Knowledge Process Outsourcing

Many businesses are not in a position to have all the required knowledge and resources in-house, as it can have a major impact on the profitability of the business.  Fortunately it is possible to partner with a trusted service provider that can fill that gap while the business is growing to its full potential - in return it allows the business to focus on its core objectives and competencies.  We are  Subject matter experts in Internal Audit, Process Management and Financial Management